The Lonely Seagull Magazine is currently accepting fiction (up to approximately 20 pages or 6,000 words) and non-fiction (up to approximately 5 pages or 1,500 words). Interview proposals are welcome. Please tell us who your subject is and why the interview would be interesting to our readers. We are also accepting "considerations" (please see first issue for style and length guidelines). Submissions can be sent to before June 15, 2008. We will be in contact with those who submit as soon as possible. Thank you!



Stories in the first issue:

"The Assembly" by Jean Paul Cativiela

"In the Terrace of the Leper King" by Toshio Mori

"The Brighter the Dusk, the Brighter the Dawn" by Roy Murakami

"A Bread Knife for the Lord and for Gideon" by David Stalder

"Meat, Electricity and Dan Marino" by Scott Buros

"Alaska, 1978" by Kiersten Yount


Non-fiction in the first issue:

"Every Day I Sell the Book" by Ryan Young

"Why Some Young Rovers" byJ. Veach

Interview with Dick Hebdige by Brad Eberhard

"A Lesson on Lying" by Sean Wheaton

"Siwa, Egypt" by Amira Pierce